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Boldly and Bravely Full of Colour

By May 30, 2023News

We live in a world full of colour and it is a time to live boldly and express that colour. For a while life may have felt a bit muted but it is time to become fully awake to what God has placed in your soul and spirit. There is a rainbow of colour in you and it is time to sparkle and shine that colour to the world in how you express and carry yourself.

It is time to be bold.
Bold in both faith and fashion.
Step into the person God created you to be. He made you your own personality of colour and He wants you to own it!
Meek and mild don’t equate timid and afraid, but fiercely knowing your strength and controlling it to uplift and build rather than intimidate, compare and control.
You can confidently express and move in your identity. The world radiates with colour and you add a part to that light spectrum. The rainbow is a symbol of promise and God always fulfils His promises. We believe it is a time to take hold of these promises and wearing bold rainbow colours can be a great tool in reminding us of the promises we know so well but tend to forget to stand on. This is some of the inspiration behind the Ethereal Made for This Retro design. It is a statement piece of boldly trusting God, that He knows what He is doing. He knew which time to make you in and where to place you as well as what personality to grow in you. You add a very specific colour that this world needs at exactly this time and if you dilute or hide it, the world will miss out on something only you can add. Even if it feels like you hardly have a spec of colour to add, it can be huge and life changing for someone else. You shining in your colour could be just what someone else needs to be able to shine in their own colour. It is time to freely express this in your own style.

There are easy ways to add a pop of colour to your outfit, including using something you already have in your cupboard. If this feels daunting; start with one statement colour (your favourite colour) and add it to your otherwise subdued, comfortable go-to outfit. One of the simplest ways to begin is with an accessory. It can be something as easy as a scrunchie or scarf or as little as earrings (we love Beloved Creations). It can even be something as daring as a blazer in electric pink or cargo pants in green. Maybe you’ve longed to wear that crimson dress or high heels but felt they were too eccentric for you.

Feel free to experiment and express your creative instinct. You are creative because the most creative Being created you. The most important part in all of this is to not compare yourself to others or be concerned about what they think.
It is a growth exercise so it should feel a bit uncomfortable and out of the ordinary, but also wildly and weirdly exhilarating. God loves when we glorify Him by expressing creatively what He has places in our hearts. It is about the expression of love rather than striving for affection, acceptance or popularity.

We challenge you to take a fresh look at the products in the shops around you this coming season. Really look at the colours, the styles and the feel of the material. Identify that one item you adore but don’t quite think you would wear, that thing you usually claim is for someone else, not you. Try it on. Then, if you love how you look and feel in it, spoil yourself with it. This is a fun adventure and we encourage you to invite Jesus into it, because He is interested in all the aspects of your life, even what you wear. Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to guard your heart from the thoughts of comparison and to show you the item that is for you. He knows what your finances look like and he knows how to bless you. Let His love and peace guide you not the status quo.

If you find yourself a bit stuck on the practical elements of what colour and style works best for your body shape and skin tone, there are some amazing Jesus-loving women out there who share amazing tips and insight about this. Women like Alette Winckler, Nicqie Robinson, Thalia de Villiers and many more who you may follow on Facebook and Instagram for  soul, spirit and style inspiration.


For those of you who already comfortably and confidently walk in your colour, we thank and applaud you. We also ask you to encourage and cheer for those you see around you that are still a bit unsure how to take space and shine in their own style.


Spur and inspire each other in faith to shine in your own colour because their colour doesn’t diminish your colour or brightness, but enhances the depth and brilliance.


As first published in The Christian Lifestyle Magazine.

Written by Monique Kotze

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