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Bold Brave Steps

By May 4, 2022November 7th, 2022News
Bold Brave Steps

Can I be very honest here!? This is the part that scares me the most!

I know right, out of buying a business and making it your own, creating new items, learning new skills and how to actually manage, run and organise a business all in front of a live audience, this is the scariest thing!

Don’t get me wrong buying a business has been challenging in many ways. Working for yourself is not for the faint-hearted and being a business owner does not make you rich and successful overnight. But it does teach you a lot about yourself and people every single day.

But I digress, even with all these obstacles, doubts and challenges, there is a sense of comfort in being behind the scenes. With little voices saying, “at least if you mess this up not so many people will know!”
It seems true and safe and I am an advocate for putting your head down and doing the hard work. Showing them what you did and not just telling them what you will do.
There does however come a a time to stand up and speak out despite the fear of what others might think or say and despite the possibility of failure still being very real. It is a choice between fear and courage, asking yourself what do you want to define you? The possible criticism and opinions of others, who are also hurt and unsure and struggling with their own battles in this life. Or the Constant One who defined, formed and set firm the foundations of who He made you to be before time began.

With that said, hello I am Monique. I am a recovering people-pleaser, hence choosing this journey takes so much courage for me. I love God with my absolute everything, but that doesn’t mean I get perfect every time –  just that I am perfectly loved out of every mess up and mistake that I make, inspiring me to choose better next time. I struggle believing that I am good enough for God’s love sometimes but then I am reminded that we cannot add or take anything away from the cross and what Jesus has done for us, which gives us full access to the throne of grace every single time.

I love how God opens my eyes to the beauty all around me when I still myself enough to take it in (que all the nature, rain and sky pictures please!).
I am passionate about Jesus, coffee, travel, healthy living and truth – digging in on the truth of who God is, who He made me to be and His heart for people.
I love music and movies, all the stories they tell and all the lessons and heart embedded in each in every one of them. For me it is a safe space to be, to dream and to be inspired in.

My heart behind taking over Ethereal has been a leap of faith to say the least. For a lot of it I still struggle to find the right words and still ask God did I hear you right? He is faithful in assuring and sustaining me every time. The amount of favour and growth in these last couple of months astound me! All I can say is I am so thankful and this is  just the beginning!

Some assurance I can give you is that there will be no deviation in quality products aimed to further root our identity and affirm the promises that we receive as children of God. My goal is to continue sourcing locally produced goods, ethically made, supporting the South African economy and small businesses. Quality and style are very important to me and it will always remain top priority in the business to ensure you receive a garment you are proud to wear.

I will be eternally grateful for the foundation Marike laid and the path she set out. It has been a true privilege getting to know her and learn from her.  It is really God’s hand that made our paths cross with such similar vision for what we see Ethereal being and becoming. I feel so honoured to be able to build on this solid foundation. I wish her all the best on her new venture with Hello Beautiful, may it grow more successful than your wildest dreams!

May seems to be my month for doing bold and brave things. I few years ago this time I went oversees solo and now I am putting into the world a piece of myself and some of the creations God placed in my heart each with a special message that I am excited to share with you soon! My journey oversees is one I will never regret and with bold excitement I believe the same will be true for choosing to take this leap in Ethereal.

That is just a bit of my heart and I look forward to sharing more of myself and my journey over time, the serious stuff, the fun stuff and the silly stuff. I invite you to journey with me as I lean in to listen, learn and create what God lays on my heart in every season.

Ethereal love

Monique, Owner of Ethereal

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