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Christian Apparel & Goods

-Products with Purpose-

The heart behind Ethereal is to remind people of their true identity and worth, which is found in Jesus. You are a beloved, favoured, powerful and chosen child of God.

~Proudly African Products~








When you purchase from Ethereal, you support a proudly South African based business and we empower various Non-Profit Organisations.

How you are helping:

Selected items directly donate towards the | YESGirl Project |

Some of our beautiful jewellery pieces are handmade by young Zambian girls, profits made through the sale of each girl’s product, goes towards her scholarship fund. It is more than a jewellery piece, it’s her future, it’s her education, it’s her life, and it matters.

Annual donations go towards | The Grace Factory |

The Grace Factory aims to help moms and babies in need in South Africa, their vision is that no mother delivers a baby in our communities without having the basic baby essentials for herself and her baby during the first few weeks of her newborn baby’s life.

Special client, you are making a difference in the lives of so many, thank you! Jesus, break our hearts for what breaks Yours, and continue to use us for Your Kingdom’s cause.

Ethereal (adj.)

Pronounced: “eh-thee-ri-al.”

Meaning: “Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.”