Woven Scrunchie


It’s not just a scrunchie, it is a redemption story.


By purchasing one of these breathtakingly beautiful scrunchies, you are not only elevating your style, you are helping vulnerable women learn and earn their way out of desperate choices, as this is a non-profit item but all proceeds go to provide a sustainable income for these women who made them.


This will also become a memento of ‘the product that started it all’ as you join the journey of getting Woven off its feet and learning to fly.


Sold either in a pack of 2 large or 2 small scrunchies.


Contact us if you would like to order these beautiful items in bulk for a specific event.

Makes perfect and wonderful thank you/gift bag items for ladies at any special event.



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Beige & Rust, Beige & Mint, Beige & White Textured, Mint & Beige Textured, Pink Silk & White Textured, Beige & Mauve Textured, White Textured & Beige Linen, Sand & Mauve Waffle Textured, Black & White Waffle Textured, Maroon Silk & Black and White textured


Small, Large

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