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Finding Jesus in the Bush

By April 19, 2019July 31st, 2019News

When you live your life as a missionary, your thinking pattern is: “Who’s life can I touch? Who can I show Jesus to?” But sometimes, Jesus surprises you by revealing Himself through those you are trying to help. In those moments, He TOUCHES you! He REVEALS Himself to you! And Jesus did just that on my recent outreach to Mozambique in January 2019.

Our team stayed in tents on the local village pastor’s property. From there, we move out into the villages doing street evangelism, house visits, praying for people we encounter, and so on.

I always pray that God will keep me humble, because He uses us in such miraculous ways, I stand in service of Him and His Kingdom. To Him be the Glory, always! Well, that weekend, in the village, God taught me humbleness on a whole new level.

The villagers reminded me of the importance of the little things in life. Mozambique is one of the poorest nations in the world, yet the people in the village gave us their very best.

My day started with beating drums in the distance, the kids were talking and playing outside my tent, so I got up. Some were raking the yard, it’s mostly sand, yet they have pride in their homes and wanted to clear the yard for us staying there.

The mamas (as we like to lovingly call them) were in the kitchen, the kitchen is separate from the house, just 4 wooden poles with plastic wrapped around it (to keep the wind out) and a tin roof. Our breakfast was prepared with only on fire.

I sat and observed. The neighbours arrived and caringly asked me if I slept well. They also started a fire which they explained was for my bath.

Wow! The servant and caring hearts of the Mozambican people. They have little, yet they give, and they give the very best they have! People stay in five star hotels, but I stayed in a million star hotel under the African sky.

A lady named Fatima later came to wash our hands with water before we ate, she gave us tea and filled our cups when they were empty. The women waited for us to eat and be full before they ate.

I was astonished at their hearts of servanthood, humility and honour! We live our lives selfishly, we want things for ourselves, we think of ourselves first, and then of others. They truly reminded me of Jesus and how He treated people.

I guess we need to “lose” our lives to find it, to find what it’s really about. The golden question is: “What would you really be losing?”

As we drove off, I could only see the bright, beautiful, smiling eyes of the mamas in the village. Oh, the love! Jesus, gave me a gift that day, a priceless gift. It is knowing what humility truly is, knowing the beauty of living to serve and love others.

God bless whoever is reading this.

Bron x

About the writer:

God called Bronwyn Baker to missions in 2009, she said “yes” after she received the 3rd call.

God has sent her all over the world whilst doing His work through YWAM and Iris Global.

She served in areas of training, discipleship, mission schools and leading various outreaches globally.